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3D Printing


Balco 3D Printer

Balco 3D Printer

Aldi had one of their special buys. At under £300, I could no longer resist not getting the 3D printer and having a go!

Beware if you ever buy a 3D printer, many, many (too many) hours of your life will vanish as you sit for hours and hours listening to the stepper-motors singing to you as your creation gradually appears in front of you!

Software I use... 

  • Cura (free) this software takes your 3D design and slices it up into tiny layers that get printed on top of each other.
  • www.thingiverse.com (free to download designs, contribution to the designer) - a great place to find pre-made things to print!!!
  • www.tinkercad.com (free) for designing my own things to print. 

3D Printed Items

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Please note: the rights to any photos displayed remain with the owner of the photo, and if not my own, then they are used purely as examples and I take no credit for them.