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Campervan Conversion (Suzuki Carry 1.3) by SteamyDave

Suzuki Carry Campervan Conversion

Please note that I no longer own TT2, but I have left the information here for reference.

Campervan Comversion - Suzuki Carry 1.3 into Tin Tent 2Welcome to the re-write of the website describing the conversion of a Suzuki Carry Van from an ex-builders white van into my 1.5 berth campervan. I say 1.5 berth as the bed isn't very wide, but if you are a thinner couple, then it could just make a cozy 2 berth! I call the camper "Tin Tent 2" (TT2) as this is the second Carry Van I have tried to convert.

Here you will find photos and descriptions of the conversion process and any hints and tips I collected along the way. Most sections have a photo gallery featuring the subject being discussed. I am not a professional campervan converter so don't take my advice as the only or best way of doing things!

View of the campervan conversion from the back showing the seating - click for the full size image (opens in a new window)TT2 took just about a year to convert, but that was mostly performed on Saturdays with my brother Tony, Sundays and the odd evening (or twenty). A lot of the time I found that I was having to undo things that had already been done because I had to use the van during the week for commuting - this meant I have to make things "safe" or take stuff out for everyday use.

I have broken the project down into sections so you can pick and choose which bits you want to look through. In each section I will try and add links to useful sites of companies, and where practical I will add a shopping list (with prices if possible) to give you an idea of what I used for that section. Prices will either be the invoiced values from 2010 or equivalent prices I have found. Please note, other suppliers may well sell the same or equivalent goods for less or more!) - its just a guide.


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